Customer performance

The table below details our customer value measures and targets to 2025. It reports our performance and demonstrates progress in caring for customers through trusted relationships as part of delivering our purpose.

Performance highlights in 2021 include:

  • At the end of 2020/21 we ranked 5th out of 17 companies for C-MeX, the highest listed company.
  • Contributed an additional £2.7 million to our Trust Fund to help those struggling to pay their bills and a further £15 million was made available to help customers reduce their water bill to an affordable amount through extending our social tariff.
  • Received a positive recommendation for continued certification to BS 18477:2010 which is the accreditation for our Priority Services scheme.

To understand the verification process for our data, please see CR reporting.

From 2020-21 onwards we have adopted a new set of measures for customers to demonstrate how we are fulfilling our purpose which is why there is no trend data this year. The progress we have already made to operate in a responsible manner is demonstrated in our 2015-20 measures and targets performance.

Measure Target to 2025 2021/22 Performance 2020/21 Performance
C-MeX Above industry median Above industry median Above industry median
D-MeX Above industry median Above industry median Above industry median
Market Performance Standards Upper quartile Second quartile Second quartile
Operational Performance Standards Upper quartile Upper quartile Upper quartile
Number of household written complaints compared to WASCs Upper quartile Second quartile Upper quartile
Speed of resolution 5 days 3.5 days 3.5 days
Number of households registered for Priority Services In excess of 220,000 (7%) 186,224 (5.9%) 128,831 (4.1%)
BS18477 'Inclusive service provision' certification for Priority Services Maintain certification Maintained Maintained
Number of customers lifted out of water poverty 66,500 77,312 71,057
Helping customers look after water in your home 10% increase 23.85% 13.75%