New payment scheme is a first for the water industry

We’ve launched a new payment scheme which will allow customers greater flexibility when it comes to paying their bills.

‘Pay As U Go’ (PAYG) opens the door to a much more innovative approach to how customers currently pay their water bill. Now, instead of paying the same amount on the same day every month, customers will have the option to make payments whenever they wish to suit their specific financial circumstances.

“It’s a first for the water industry and something we’re really excited about,” said Jane Haymes, affordability manager at United Utilities.

“We know that many of our customers don’t get paid on a regular basis which makes it difficult to commit to a traditional Direct Debit arrangement. We think PAYG will be ideal for customers who work on an ad-hoc basis or don’t have the luxury of permanent hours.”

Pay As U Go will allow customers to pay whenever they wish and they can alter their payment amounts throughout the year as they work towards paying off their annual bill.

Says Jane: “Every three months we’ll set a payment target – customers are then free to pay as much or as little as they wish as long as they achieve that payment target every 12 weeks. There are no fees or interest added to the account, so it’s a great way to have a much more flexible approach to paying your water bill.”

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