Leakage detection gets smart

Meet SmartValve, one of the suppliers joining our Innovation Lab

Could you tell us how you found out about the Innovation Lab and why you decided to pitch your idea?

We found out about the Innovation Lab by an approach from LMarks, the global innovation specialists who run the lab alongside United Utilities. LMarks summarised the opportunity and potential fit for our solution so we decided to apply.

In simple terms, could you please summarise what your idea is for the lab?

Our solution SmartValve helps water companies manage and monitor any process which involves the manual operation of valves and hydrants.

What is the ultimate benefit your idea will bring to water customers in the North West?

SmartValve will help water companies reduce water loss through leaks and bursts, manage incidents and repairs more quickly and limit the number of water discolouration events and therefore improve customer satisfaction.

How are you hoping to develop your idea through the Innovation Lab?

Our commercial ready app will be trialled during the 12 weeks of the lab. At the same time we will work with the team to understand what additional value we can deliver in our latest version of SmartValve which is due for release at the end of the 12-week period.

How important do you think programmes like the Innovation Lab are for developing ideas?

As an industry the water sector needs to constantly innovate and change to meet the demands of the market, the environmental challenges and the use of technology. The Innovation Lab sits at the heart of new idea generation and provides a platform for idea development from suppliers.

What does innovation mean to you in three words?

Challenge, create, change

If you fast forward two years from now, where do you see your product?

SmartValve solves a problem that every water company suffers from. With a patent pending we hope to see SmartValve implemented across the globe and integrated into the wider digitisation of water network operations.