Financial support with your bills

If you’re having difficulties paying your water bill, please let us know. We really don’t want you to worry about your bill and we have lots of ways we can make your payments more affordable. We’ve included details below about the financial support schemes we have available.

Remember, if you’re struggling with your water bill payments please complete our form so we can get you the right support as quickly as possible.

Back on track

If you’re finding it difficult to pay your bill and you’re either receiving benefits or on a low income following a recent change in financial circumstances, we can help.

Bill cap - WaterSure

If you have a water meter and receive benefits, and use a lot of water due to ill health or having a large family, our WaterSure scheme caps your annual bill, regardless of how much water you use.

Debt support – Payment Matching

If you need debt support, our Payment Matching scheme means that for every £1 you pay, we'll match it with £1 too, with our contribution increasing to £2 if you continue to make payments until your debt is cleared.

Cheaper with a meter

Switching to a water meter is one of the easiest ways to cut your bills down to size. The majority of customers save at least £150 a year compared to their existing fixed bills. To see how much you could save, click the link below.

Financial Hardship Fund

Through the United Utilities Trust Fund – If you’re in real financial hardship, you could qualify for a one off payment to help clear your debts and start a fresh

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