Cheaper with a meter

See how much you could save

First, find out from your water bill how much you currently pay each year. Next, let us know how many people live in your household. We’ll then give you an idea of how much you can save each year with a water meter.

Remember, our lowest bill guarantee means you won’t be worse off during your two year trial and if you don’t make a saving you can switch back to your fixed bill - you can’t lose!

Please note: The calculator below is suitable for customers who pay for water and wastewater services which is the majority of our customers. For the small number of customers who only pay for water services (for example, you have a septic tank which collects your wastewater) we can still work out your saving, please call us on 0345 672 2999.

The water watchdog talks water meters

Is a meter right for you? Andy White from Consumer Council for Water has some advice about whether you could save money on a meter.